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FAQ Friday: Eyelash Curlers | How to use them & which one to purchase

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

I am kicking off this blog with a commitment to a weekly series I've dubbed, "FAQ Fridays". Every Friday, I will answer the most frequently asked questions I receive as a makeup artist from clients. Today, let's dive in to all things eyelash curlers.


Eyelash curlers get mixed responses and reactions from clients. They range from, "Oh my God, I can't live without mine!" (same) to "Ughhh, those things make me so nervous...It looks like a medieval torture device." If you are already a fan of lash curlers, scroll on down to the product recommendations portion to see what curlers I swear by. For those who have an aversion to lash curlers or need some instruction/reassurance, let me dispel some of the fear and folklore surrounding a product that will be a game changer addition to your makeup kit. 1. "Will eyelash curlers chop my eyelashes off?"

Short answer: No! Long answer: I cannot fathom how this could happen, despite hearing a couple "My friend had it happen to her" stories. By no means do I want to deny the truth or validity of someone's personal experience but the likelihood of this happening is very slim. Practically speaking, if this were a major concern, lash curlers wouldn't be available for purchase. It would be bad for business and a liability issue for brands and makeup artists. I relate the "chopping off my eyelashes" scenario to the equivalent of a person burning off her hair with a curling iron - we've all seen those viral videos. Accidents like these are highly uncommon if a quality tool is purchased and is used correctly. If there is an issue, it is typically due to user error, not a deficient or harmful product.

2. "Do I curl my lashes before or after mascara?"

Always curl your lashes before mascara. If you've applied mascara already, gently remove your mascara (after it's dried, otherwise things are going to get messy) by pinching your lashes in between a makeup wipe with your thumb and pointer finger and gently rubbing your fingers back and forth. This method is the most efficient way to not disrupt any makeup you've already applied to your eye area.

3. "My lashes are stick straight. How can I get them to hold a curl?"

Number one, buy a really good lash curler. Number two, heat and waterproof mascara are your best friend.

Straight hair on your head needs heat in order to hold a curl and the same goes for your straight eyelashes. The best little hack I've learned is to heat up your eyelash curler before use by blasting it with hot air from a blowdryer. **Test the temperature of the lash curler on your forearm before putting it to your eye. Eyelid burns aren't cute. Realistic expectations are key and if your still craving more of a curl, you might consider looking into a lash lift. So, why mention waterproof mascara? Waterproof mascaras tend to be dryer and less weighty on the lashes. Gravity already isn't doing your lashes any favors and a wet, heavy mascara will cause you lashes to droop even more. Merp. If you can't stand waterproof mascaras, I get it. They are harder to remove and can flake. Just try to opt for a mascara that is dryer in texture. Wander Beauty's Unlashed Volume & Curl Mascara is fantastic.

4. "What eyelash curler should I buy?"

Most of my favorite lash curlers have been purchased from the drugstore. I've used and repurchased Revlon's $3.00 eyelash curler more times than I can count. If you're feeling bougie or have very straight lashes that need some extra love, Shiseido's eyelash curler is a purchase you will not regret. It retails for $22 but unlike most drugstore curlers, you can purchase replacement pads instead of having to buy a whole new curler every time your curling pad kicks the bucket.

Do you have an eyelash curler horror story? Do you have a favorite curler or a tip or trick that has upped your lash game? Let me and others know in the comments. Thanks for reading and see you next week for another FAQ Friday!



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