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FAQ Friday | How Do I Make My Makeup Last All Day?

I missed you all last week! Let's get into this week's FAQ Friday: "How do I make my makeup last all day?" As a bridal and special event makeup artist, I receive this question often from clients who are concerned about their makeup lasting for the entire event they are attending. These are the four points I touch on, when I am asked this question:

  1. Layer your products. Applying thin layers and building up your foundation, concealers, and other cream products is essential to a long lasting face of makeup. Generally speaking, cream products last longer on the skin than powders. Apply creams when possible and set with a powder to lock those cream products in place.

  2. Don't touch your face. Rubbing, wiping, or resting your hands or fingers on your face is going to affect the longevity of your makeup. Friction and the oils from your hands and finger tips will affect the actual chemistry of the makeup and will either break up or entirely remove the products that have been so carefully applied to your face.

  3. Opt for quality makeup. Quality makeup is formulated better, contains quality ingredients, more pigment, and is created to wear longer on the skin. While you will pay more up front for quality products, you often need to use less of the product per application and won't need to "touch-up" as often.

  4. Know your skin type + apply you skincare and makeup accordingly. Nothing will mess up your makeup more than poor skincare and using the incorrect makeup products. For example, if your skin is dry, applying only powder products will leave your skin looking even dryer. Since dry skin creates less oil for makeup to stick to, your makeup will fade quickly. If you have very oily skin, using products that are too rich, or not using enough powders, can lead your makeup to breaking up and sliding off of your face. The biggest recommendation I can give is get your skincare right. Get your skin balanced, and go from there. (My dermatologist is a large reason why my makeup stays looking flawless.)

Interested in learning more about makeup application techniques tailored to your specific skin needs, what makeup and skincare to buy, and would benefit from private instruction? Rachel Toussaint LLC offers personal shopping appointments and in-person or online private lessons. Click here to book or get more information. Thank you so much for reading and I will see you next week for another FAQ Friday! XO,


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