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FAQ Friday | Makeup Must-Haves When You're In a Rush

Here's a scenario. You've slept through your alarm and wake up 20 minutes before you have to leave for work. Or, the Zoom call that was scheduled for 10:30am was just bumped up to 9:00am and you are not. ready. Like coffee still brewing, no pants on, haven't even brushed your teeth, kind of not ready. You only have three minutes to devote to makeup before you need get dressed, slick back your hair into a low bun (it's the quickest and was TOTALLY your intended hairstyle for the day), and get out the door or log onto to your computer. What makeup products do you choose to make yourself look put together? This blog post is for you. I am breaking down the three makeup products that I cannot live without as well as offering a couple different product recommendations for each, depending on your budget.

My three must have makeup products that I will never skip not matter how short on time I am: concealer, blush, and brows. Some color on the cheeks, covering up dark circles and blemishes, and framing the face with a good brow wakes up the face way more than mascara can, any day. And while in pains me to leave out mascara, we can't be picky. I mean, you did sleep through your alarm. Now that we've established the necessities, let's get into what you should buy:

Concealer Pro tip: Since there is no time for foundation, choose a concealer that is full coverage. You'll have to use less, meaning you're not wasting precious seconds building up coverage, and you can even sheer it out and use it as a foundation where needed.

Drugstore: Joah Beauty Truly Yours Dark Circle Concealer

High-end: Makeup Forever Ultra HD Concealer


Pro tip: Choose cream over powder blush when in a rush. It takes less time to apply, gives a more skin like appearance (important when not wearing foundation), and will blend well over your concealer. It can also double as an eyeshadow and lip color.

Drugstore: E.L.F. Monochromatic Multi Stick

High-end: Glossier Cloud Paint (I love the shades "Dusk" and "Storm")


Pro tip: Fill in only sparse areas of the brow or where needed. When you are wearing minimal makeup everywhere else on the face, keeping the brows light is key.

Drugstore: Joah Beauty Brow Down to Me Precision Brow Pencil (perfect for all over brow shading)

High-end: Glossier Brow Flick (draws in individual hair strokes for a natural looking brow)

Thanks for reading! XO,


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